The word Tentang means to us in our own sensibility as far as the term is concerned, we find it to be an extraordinarily convoluted concept, both labile and somewhat elusive. It runs through thought like the word ‘nature’, ‘being’ or even ‘chaos’, making it impossible to tell exactly what it is or where it is. This is the characteristic that strikes us the most, a term that has no established stability. In the attempt to make a concept of it is seemingly broad with an outstretch quality and the occasional appearance of tension.
Listening to Tentang can feel like walking into the mishaps of life either on a tremendous despair or on a tremendous hope. In a profound sense, one is floating over as something blurry and non-perceivable towards an extreme. The in between of the spectrum, that’s where ‘it’ lies; warm, fuzzy, and imprecise. But in that imprecision is a sense of revelation that forms around the moments one might otherwise miss.
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