A Proposal by Studio Karya and Constant/Variable

A proposal submission to relook the self contained nature of an architectural office and sharing it with the general public through a series of exhibitions
The concept of extension of an office revolves around the idea of creating an exhibition display with an adaptable program without human interference-
This concept is strengthened by the approach of the lens which aims to create an immersive visual-preview exhibition that allows visitors to have a glimpse of multiple perspectives of an object within a single field of view.

The idea will be defined with such characteristics;
Interactive & Flexible 
in terms of layout design
Visual Illusion
in terms of object arrangement
in terms of objects used and materiality
Physical - Visual Connection
in terms of content reception
The design highlights the peculiar essence of an architectural office such that of the additions of ordinary objects in a particular workplace e.g. Trace paper, Desk lamp, drafting table etc.. Also, the space designed highlights the poetic imaginings that make up such office. Providing a small landscape of idyllic structures while showcasing realistic built forms (Architectural models).  With this exhibition, one could imagine being submerse in the displays from a platform that would be seemingly familiar to the broader audience. Essentially, an office should be a place that can hold conversations and act as an archive of the works done.
Hence, the aim is to publicize the “self-contained” nature of an architectural office.
Ashran Bahari
Naadiya Hani
Aiman Mos Johari
Chew Chen Yin
Ammar Haziq
Aiman Ridzuan
Aliff Danial
Amirul Aiman
Izzat Hazim
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