Constant/Variable is a thought process made by AH, AR, AA, AD & IH to generate a particular outcome through the means of architecture.
Within the variable works, they see a reciprocal relationship between the politics of spatial design, the celebration of thought, and the intimacy of writing. Alternating these values in the broader prospect of post-modern by-products, landscape, and condition.​​​​​​​
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Suburbia Projects
Studio Karya
The Japan Foundation Asia
Asia Centre​​​​​​​
- Film Screening Tour "Small Practices" for book launching across Malaysia (Penang, Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur)
- A Folly "Desires & Encounters" for Kuala Lumpur Design Festival '23, Malaysia
- Film Screening "Small Practices" for 'at Home', P21 Gallery, London, UK 
- Film Screening "Small Practices" for Bintaro Design Festival '23, Indonesia
ACADEMIA/ Forums/ Talks
-  Scales of Practices "Traces", Forum panelist with Ar Wooi Lok Kuang, Fadzlee Khamis and Ar Lee Cherng Yih, Taylors University, 2023
-  Final Crit Panelist, Semester 04, SEGI University, 2022
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